Magnatiles Classroom Kit In Stock Now

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This fun classroom kit is perfect for early learners! 

Manufacturer's description

Take your child’s creativity to the next level! Designed for ages three and up, these magnetic toys for kids spark hours of imaginative, unstructured play, allowing them to bring their dreams to life.

STEM-approved: Offering endless possibilities for young, imaginative thinkers, our STEM-approved magnetic blocks inspire hours of instruction-free playtime while helping children develop math, science, spatial, and tactile skills. They’re also found in educational settings everywhere, fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills as well.

This set includes a storage box and playmat as well as 310 pieces (2 sets of 100 Clear Colors AND 110 pieces from the Metropolis Play Set)! 

Check out their educator resources page for lots of ideas on how to use Magnatiles in the classroom.